Stratford Latte NRC.50+™

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Ceiling Tiles: The Stratford NRC.50+™ Acoustical Ceiling Tile System gets you good acoustical performance and great esthetics at a price that's worth shouting about. Classic style and a multitude of color/finish options, coupled with a respectable NRC rating of 50% and an STC of 13, means that an acoustic ceiling doesn't need to equal ugly anymore. Still not convinced? Read on! NRC Rating of 50% An NRC of 50% (about the NRC of your average mineral fiber ceiling tile) means that 50% of the sound that hits the ceiling is absorbed and will not bounce back. Interior spaces like home theaters, restaurants, and even medical/therapeutic offices (where privacy is important) would benefit from an increased NRC. Lowest Price-Point Starting at just $3.45 per square foot (delivered!), prices actually go down as your order volume goes up. We all like the sound of that! Design Options This classic design comes in five premiere colors, three better than tin finishes, and three faux wood grains. A beautiful ceiling that actually enhances your room's appearance while improving its sound, imagine that! Flexibility Shipped as a set - perforated tiles in one box (beauty) and sound absorbing insulation in the other (the beast) - the Stratford NRC.50+™ 24 x 24 acoustical ceiling tile system is perfect for 1 standard T-bar grid systems and will not stain, absorb moisture, harbor mold or mildew, or create dust. Because it's two separate components (rather than a composite of dissimilar materials that are glued together) each piece can be removed separately, cleaned separately, and even recycled separately. No other acoustical ceiling system gives you that flexibility. Dual Functionality Lightweight, flexible, simple to install, easy to trim with household scissors (or aviation snips), and Class A fire rated, the Stratford NRC.50+™ Acoustical Ceiling Panel System gives you one more benefit that won't just save your ears, it will save on your utility bills. By adding an R-Value of 6 to your drop ceiling, NRC.50+™ will make your space warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and quieter all year long. Need more Sound Absorption? Head on over to the Stratford NRC.85+ Acoustic Ceiling Panel System. Same designer looks, awesome NRC! Quantity Discounts as low as $12.60 on this ceiling tile.

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