Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System (2.1 3 Monitor System)

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Studio Monitors - The Blue Sky eXo2 stereo monitoring system is an evolution of the original Blue Sky eXo system that gives you the same excellent full-range monitoring capability of the original, but with a smaller footprint. The eXo2 system features a small yet powerful 8 subwoofer and a pair of highly detailed 3 satellite speakers with 1 tweeters. Together, these speakers provide you with controlled bass, accurate mids, and clear highs. The whole system is rounded out nicely with a handy remote control and desktop connection hub. The desktop hub allows you to control the system without leaving the sweet spot and provides easy-to-reach headphone output and auxiliary input connections for added flexibility. Still, despite its considerable output power, sound quality, and range of professional functions, you can get the Blue Sky eXo2 2.1 stereo monitoring system for an entry-level price.Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo Monitoring System with Remote Hub Features at a Glance: True full-range stereo monitoring system. Redesigned, small-footprint subwoofer (10 x 9 x 11). 2 x 3 2-way satellites, with 1 soft-dome tweeter. Separate 8 subwoofer for extended low-frequency response. 160 watts of total system power (35W per satellite, 90W subwoofer). Convenient desktop remote control and connection hub. XLR/TRS inputs for pro mixers and DAWs. RCA inputs for computer soundcards and CD players. 1/8 mini jack input for iPods and MP3 players. 1/8 headphone jack. Headphone jack mutes the monitoring system (headphone level is controlled via the gain knob). The Blue Sky eXo2 system gives you accurate monitoring and convenient control, all in an incredibly affordable package! Surround & Multi-Speaker Systems

Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System (2.1 3 Monitor System) Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System (2.1 3 Monitor System) new
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