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BABYBJRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors is a completely new hiking baby carrier for all of you who love outdoor activities and want to share the fun with your child. It?s made of water-repellent and moisture-wicking materials, and it has a pocket and loops for instant access to a cell phone, water bottle and teddy. Its multiple adjustment options, sturdy waist belt and shoulder straps ensure superior carrying comfort and make it the perfect hiking baby carrier for outdoor activities with toddlers. Good functional materials ? ideal for outdoor activities Outdoor gear for family activities must be able to cope with all kinds of weather. The baby carrier?s outer material combines breathability with good water and dirt repellence. The fabric is easy to wipe clean, and the whole baby carrier dries quickly after being rained on or washed. Several different mesh fabrics have been used to ensure optimal breathability, elasticity and stability. The inside is made of super-soft mesh fabric that?s kind to little cheeks and mouths. There?s a thin mesh between the wearer and child for increased air flow. An advanced 3D mesh has been used in the shoulder straps and waist belt, which has been teamed with moisture-repellent foam to give high carrying capacity and enhance carrying comfort. Pocket on waist belt and loops on shoulder straps Baby Carrier One Outdoors has a detachable pocket on the waist belt for your cell phone, keys, pacifiers or other small items you need for your child on family days out. Several loops on the shoulder straps allow you to attach e.g. a water bottle, and keep essentials like a security blanket and teddy conveniently close. Comes with a smart storage bag You?re certain to have plenty of items to keep track of when you?re hiking or enjoying other outdoor activities with kids. So this baby carrier comes with a practical bag for storing and transporting the baby carrier. Comfortable baby carrier backpack for outdoor activities with toddlers Baby Carrier One Outdoors is a useful piece of outdoor gear when you want to take your toddler hiking. It?s simple and completely safe to move the child on to your back when they want to be carried. With your child facing you in the baby carrier, you can swivel them around onto your back in a secure and comfortable movement, and you can do it entirely unaided. 4-way ergonomic front and back carrying This hiking baby carrier makes life easier for those of you who have an active lifestyle and want to share fun outdoor activities with your child. You can carry your child in four ergonomic ways: facing in at two different heights, facing out and on your back. Front-facing carrying option Sometimes it can be fun to sit facing out and see everything that Mom and Dad see! In this hiking baby carrier, you can carry your child in a front-facing position from the age of five months, when their neck is strong enough. Simply fold down the head support, and when it?s time for a nap, you can fold the head support up again and lift your child into the facing-in position. Optimal carrying comfort, with sturdy waist belt and shoulder straps It?s important for you to be comfortable, whether you?re carrying a little child on your front or a toddler on your back. Baby Carrier One Outdoors allows you to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle as a parent. It has padded, form-fitting shoulder straps and a sturdy waist belt, which provide excellent support and pressure relief, especially when carrying a toddler. The waist belt easily fastens at the back with a hook, and both shoulder straps and waist belt are simple to adjust for the perfect fit. Hip-healthy baby carrier, with ergonomic, wide-leg position for the child The baby carrier has a 12.6 in (32 cm) seat area, which gives your child a proper ergonomic, wide-leg position when they sit facing in on your front or back. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One Outdoors and acknowledges it to be a ?hip-healthy baby carrier?. Th

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Outdoors - Black BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Outdoors - Black new
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