Epson 87 All-in-one White Board AN2WA87

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Optimized for finger touch technology through innovative Da-Lite screen design.Custom mount makes registration and service fast and easy eliminating pre-installation measurementsand set up time.IDEA Screen serves as a superior image quality projection screen and writeable marker board surface.Screen gain of 2.5 with 25 degree viewing half angle.IDEA Screen certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as a low emitting product.System anchors at multiple points for exceptional stability and floats off the wall to provide room forrouting cables.Innovative design requires only locating a single bracket for hanging — all other equipment mountsrelative to this point.Sleek valence hides the projector from view for a clean aesthetic finish.Available in silver.Simple specification with one SKU.Rigid interactive surface with magnetic capabilities.Ultra sleek board design to complement any space.. Epson All-In-One Whiteboard is an all-in-one solution that brings together the best in mount and screen technology to create a complete system for BrightLink Pro, BrightLink and other Epson ultra short throw models. Optimized for finger touch technology, this sleek, innovative system is designed to bring interactivity to a new level. Epson 87 All-in-one White Board AN2WA87.

Epson 87 All-in-one White Board AN2WA87 Epson 87 All-in-one White Board AN2WA87 new
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