Midland Two-Way Radios Lxt560vp3

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121 privacy codes up to 2662 channel options to help block other conversations. NOAA weather alert radio with weather scan automatically locks onto your local weather channel and alerts you to severe weather. 5 call alerts different call tones to notify you of incoming calls from your group. HILO power settings adjust transmit power to preserve battery life. eVOX hands-free operation 3 levels with easy voice activation. Dual power options four AAA batteries not included or rechargeable battery pack included. 3-year warranty. Features include water-resistant backlit display LCD channel scan auto squelch roger beep keypad lock keystroke tones. Mic and headphone jacks monitor drop-in charger capable battery life extender.

Midland Two-Way Radios Lxt560vp3 Midland Two-Way Radios Lxt560vp3 new
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