Fall Artificial Gourd and Leaf Swag

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Bring the outdoors in, and let this realistic Fall Artificial Gourd and Leaf Swag take your mind immediately to a pumpkin patch in the middle of a cool, crisp, fall day, full of bountiful, colorful trees and traces of gorgeous, crunching leaves on the paths. With incredibly vibrant oranges, hazy oranges, golden yellows, rich reds, and enchanting greens, this swag's colors showcase the epitome of what is truly beautiful about the season. These colors transcend on each large satiny maple leaf, joining grand clusters of chromatic berries and and natural pinecones. These set the stage for a collection of pumpkins and gourds in mixtures of bold and muted warm tones. These elements attach to a bundled base of burnt umber hand wrapped wires, which produce this swag's grand base. Any flat surface can benefit from this lovely swag. Add a natural element to places that may normally be neglected, such as shelves and mantels. Embellish candle displays and table centerpieces. Lay atop your kitchen cabinets to complete a fresh outdoorsy setting. Adorn fall wedding arches and trellises.

Fall Artificial Gourd and Leaf Swag Fall Artificial Gourd and Leaf Swag new
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