Improvements Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield-Full

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Use this Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield to make any sofa bed more comfortable. Yes, you really can enjoy a good night's sleep on a sofa bed...if you add this folding bar shield. Most pullout sofa beds have steel support bars that are hard enough to wake you up, noticeable through any sofa-bed mattresses. To sleep better, unfold this vinyl-covered, 1/4-thick wooden bed board and slide it beneath the sleeper sofa's mattress. Your lower back will forever thank you! The Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield is better than a sheet of heavy plywood, because you can fold it to 12-1/2 x 24 for easy storage under the cushions or in a closet, and it won't ruin your bedding. Open, the Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield measures 48 x 48 x 1/4-thick. The bar shield covers the support bars on a sofa sleeper, helping to prevent discomfort Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield can also be used as a bed board under a regular mattress This sturdy vinyl-covered bar shield folds up for quick storage

Improvements Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield-Full Improvements Sleeper Sofa Bar Shield-Full new
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