Improvements Dog Crate Fan Cooling System

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Add a Dog Crate Fan to help keep your pet cool and refreshed. Retractable arms allow you to easily attach one of these small but powerful fans to your dog's cage or crate to help protect your pet from overheating at home or while traveling. The crate fans feature quiet, 2-speed operation that will not disturb pets. The Dog Crate Fan operates on 4 C batteries (not included); you can also use AC and 12v car adapters (not included). The Standard Dog Crate Fan features a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature.Dog Crate Fan Cooling System. Sold separately. Its cooling cartridge features a non-toxic freezer pack insert and snaps onto the front of the fan to add extra cooling power for up to 2 hours. Refills available.Dog Crate Fan circulates the air, removing warm air from the cage interiorThe crate fan offers your choice of battery or electric operation (adapters not included)Using a Dog Crate Fan will help keep your pet cool, calm, and more comfortable The Dog Crate Fan Cooling System was designed specifically to boost the cooling power of the Standard Cooling Fan

Improvements Dog Crate Fan Cooling System Improvements Dog Crate Fan Cooling System new
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